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Science & Humanities

Departmental Mission

To provide the students a congenial establishment in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals essential to recognize, evaluate and decide real life troubles. To develop excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation skills and technical writing for effectively interacting with clients, customers, co-workers and managers. To contribute to elevate the quality of technical education while producing dynamic engineers and entrepreneurs for the country.

Departmental Vision

To establish a centre par excellence in the area of basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English Language & Communication; to share the knowledge, skill and understanding of subjects that provide foundation for engineering studies and also to empower the students expressing effectively in the era of advanced technology and globalization; to create proficient engineers who can face challenges across-the- board in engineering fundamentals - experimental, analytical, computational and designing abilities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO-1: Facilitate learning of the strong foundation of Basic and Engineering Science, Mathematics, Data reduction, error analysis & computation, communication & presentation skills, Team work, and Leadership.

PEO-2: Develop adequate background and options for pursuing diverse career paths in engineering disciplines in the context of community, country and economy.

PEO-3: Develop self-learning skills in a volatile socio-psycho-somatic environment and physiological / hormonal changes in the body. Encourage and nurture the value of independent lifelong learning.

PEO-4:Develop awareness of converging technologies and sciences such as Nanotechnology, Biotechnology etc. and equip them with abilities to contribute multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multinational environment.

PEO-5:Inspire to equip with necessary information and skills to pursue higher studies in India and abroad.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO-1: An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.

PO-2: An ability to identify, analyze and specify a technical community problem.

PO-3:To design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpretation of data.

PO-4: To understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.

PO-5: To acquire communicative language skills, professional, managerial, ethical and environmental based principles to become the face of our institution in leading organizations.

PO-6: To design a system, component or process to cater the needs of economics, environment, social, political, ethical, health and safety.

PO-7: Addressing the problems associated in the interface of Theoretical knowledge, understanding and application, skill.

PO-8:An ability to function on a multidisciplinary team.

PO-9: An ability to engage in life-long learning ability.
Postponded Campus Drive
Due to some unavoidable circumstances the campus drive held on Monday i.e, 14 Nov 2022 has postponed by ARF Design. HR will inform further details later.
Nov. 14, 2022
PLACEMENT DRIVE EIEM for both internship & job . Company : ALIEN BRAINS Date : 15.06.2022
June 17, 2022
College both ECE & EIEM will remain closed on 12th July 2021 on account of Rathayatra
July 9, 2021
Online Virtual Condolence
Elitte Family is going to organize an online virtual condolence program on 07-06-2021 at 10.00am Google meet joining link:
June 6, 2021
Notice for Class
All the students of 1st year in all the streams of EIEM are hereby informed that their online provisional classes will continue as per the subject wise routine uploaded in college website until further orders. This may please be followed strictly.
Nov. 6, 2020
Off-campus access of J-Gate-(e-journals) during Lock Down
July 28, 2020
Special Re-Evaluation drive
A Special Re-Evaluation Drive will be arranged by Council for the Diploma students who were declared FAIL..
July 9, 2020


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