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Electrical Engineering

General Information

It gives me enormous satisfaction to introduce the Department of Electrical Engineering. It is regarded as one of the most wellknown core Engineering branch. On behalf of our students and faculty, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Elitte College of Engineering. We take pride in our faculty, a team of highly qualified, capable and dedicated professionals, most of whom have very good academic experiences. We provide ample opportunities to our faculty and students, through in -house trainings, workshops and trainings outside the college campus for further growth and development in their areas of expertise. Overall, we are committed towards creating and erecting professional graduate community which is vivacious and provides continuous learning.
The department acts as an active catalyst to develop the perfect approach to unveil their hidden talent, personality, and communication skills and fulfil the needs of young engineers.

Departmental Mission

(a). Catering high quality educational base in Electrical Engineering to the Students with strong analytical ability and skill so as to confidently work in various fields of Electrical Engineering and emerge as future leaders.

(b). Imparting high quality technical education to develop recognized professionals in Electrical Engineering with innovative and entrepreneurial abilities fit for frequently changing global needs.

(c). Providing up-to-date knowledge in emerging technology in Electrical Engineering with passion for innovations and life-long learning skill through a proper teaching –learning processes.

(d). Encouraging the collaboration between industry and the department through sharing of knowledge and experiences in higher learning and research to produce industry-ready professionals.

Departmental Vision

Offering excellent technical education in Electrical Engineering to produce ethical Electrical Engineers with technically strong, innovative and entrepreneurial abilities fit for global needs for modern era.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


(a). Providing the students the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering in addition to the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

(b). Driving the students’ instinct towards solutions of engineering problems.

(c). Ensuring the possibility of higher studies in reputed institutions and R & D organization.

(d). Offering proper training to the students to become future technological leaders.


Program Outcomes (PO)


(a). Ability to apply domain knowledge in comprehending and solving engineering problems.

(b). Competence in using modern software and hardware tools for the analysis and design of complex electrical systems for research and industrial activities.

(c). Involve appreciation of societal and national responsibilities so as to provide services to humanity.

(d). Ability to make our students as an ethical and responsible engineering professional.

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