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Computer Science & Engineering ( loT and Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology)

General Information

In the year 2015, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering began its adventure on the very first day of the college. Research and IT professionals who are proficient in both hardware as well as soft skills for success in the industrial environment. Significant of our students are working for reputable companies and educational institutions portion . The department regularly holds workshops and seminars to prepare both teachers and students for instilling technological growth in computer science and engineering. The department thrives in offering a structured and well-coordinated learning environment since it has a combination of youthful and experienced Faculty Members.

To facilitate the utilization of laboratory facilities for research and development, four excellent laboratories run without a hitch every day. Computer Network, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Database Management Systems, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Language Processors, Mobile Computing, Network Security, Pattern Recognition, and Web Technology are just a few of the areas of computer science that the department specializes in.

The departmental library is stocked with the most recent publications in a variety of areas of computer science, giving faculty members and students new perspectives. The department promotes student involvement in faculty-supervised hands-on projects. Since the last decade, the students and teachers have published a number of technical articles in journals and conferences.


The computer science and engineering department is well-equipped with centralized labs that feature the newest setups. The department is actively conducting research in a variety of areas related to computer science, including security, mobile applications, wireless networking, artificial intelligence, image processing, and many more areas.

The department was founded with the main objective of offering high-quality technical education in the discipline while addressing the issues of the present and future. The department's goal is to prepare students for work in a variety of industries by giving them both academic knowledge and practical skills in the field of cutting-edge technology

Departmental Mission

  • To impart high-quality technical education to produce computer engineers who are creative, entrepreneurial, and morally suitable for the constantly changing competitive settings found in diverse sectors of the software industry.

  • To provide a platform for inductive learning, a well-equipped lab, and cutting-edge technologies to prepare students for various industrial projects focused on research-oriented topics and cutting-edge software tools for innovation.

  • To equip the students with the latest and most updated knowledge in Computer Science and to foster a love of learning and advance creativity, research, and development through a competence in lifelong learning.

  • To develop a successful collaboration between the business community and the department of computer engineering to exchange knowledge and skills in order to advance research initiatives and higher education.

Departmental Vision

The purpose of To strive tirelessly towards excellence in teaching environment to contribute to our society and country through the technical education with Computer Science &Computational Technology, Aiming towards creating Computer Engineers who can meet the industrial expectations and challenges at present and future.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

Graduates of Computer Science and Engineering program shall

PEO1: Have skills to solve the problems by analysis, design, develop and implementation of algorithms leading to optimal solutions fulfilling the dynamic requirement of industry and society.

PEO2: Have good understanding of Computer Science and Engineering concepts, making them practicing engineers with sound knowledge of logic and design, in Industries.


PEO3: Undertake research in emerging fields in computer science and engineering so as to face the challenges of global challenges in their higher studies and by lifelong learning.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PSO1: Programming skills: Apply fundamental knowledge and programming aptitude to identify, design and solve real life problems.

PSO2: Professional skills: Students shall understand, analyze and develop software solutions to meet the requirements of industry and society.

PSO3: Competency: Students will be competent for competitive examinations for employment, higher studies and research.

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