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Civil Engineering

General Information

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering at Elitte College of Engineering, Sodepur, West Bengal. The department works to train the students towards excellence for serving the industry, society, and academia. Perhaps even more important is our unceasing commitment to our students, helping them to learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals in their pursuit to excel in their professional careers.

Departmental Mission

(a). To provide quality education for fundamental knowledge and excellence in civil engineering and technology with global perspectives to our students and to make  them creative, ethically strong engineers to build our nation.

(b)  To create sustained environment of learning in which problem solving ability, analytical skills and new ideas of civil engineering students flourish, and from which   the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.

(c)  To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding civil engineers to face the challenges of the future and to develop them towards employability,entrepreneurship, higher learning and research work.

(d)  To establish a strong collaboration between civil engineering industries and institutes of higher learning in civil engineering, through participatory learning and knowledge-sharing for mutual gain and public service.



Departmental Vision

To work diligently for excellence in civil engineering education for developing technically proficient, creative, innovative, and moral engineers at the college who are motivated to serve the industry, society and nation.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


PEO-1: To produce graduates having a strong background of basic science, Mathematics & Engineering and ability to use these tools. 

PEO-2: To produce graduates who can demonstrate technical competence in the field of civil engineering and develop solutions to the complex problems.

PEO-3: To produce graduates having professional competence through life-long learning such as advanced degrees, professional skills and other professional activities related globally to engineering & society.

PEO-4: To produce graduates who function effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment and individually, within a societal and environmental context.

PEO-5: To produce graduates who would be able to take individual responsibility and work as a part of a team towards the fulfilment of both individual and organizational goals.

Program Outcomes (PO)


At the end of the program, the student-

PSO 1: Should be able to understand the concepts of civil engineering and their applications.

PSO 2: Should have an ability to apply technical knowledge and usage of modern instruments related to civil engineering for solving real world problems.

PSO 3: Should have the capability to analyze, comprehend, design & develop civil engineering applications and thus demonstrating professional ethics & concern for societal well-being.

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