Computer Sc. & tech. Department
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • ( Head of the Department (Acting): Mr. Arup Kumar Das)
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Mission of the Department:

  • M1: To provide an open environment to the students and faculty that promotes professional and personal growth.
  • M2: To impart strong theoretical and practical background across the Civil Engineering discipline with an emphasis on supervising of constructional work, lab works and workshop.
  • M3: To inculcate the skills necessary to continue their education after diploma, as well as for the social needs.

Vision of the Department:

  • To excel in technical educational area of Civil Engineering and to provide expert, proficient and knowledgeable Civil Engineering individuals with high enthusiasm to meet the societal challenges.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO):

  • PEO-01: Gain successful professional career in constructional industry as an efficient Civil engineer.
  • PEO-02: Succeed in graduation programmes to gain knowledge on emerging technologies in Civil Engineering.
  • PEO-03: Grow as a responsible constructional professional in their own area of interest with moral character, intellectual skills and ethics through lifelong learning approach to meet societal needs.

Program Outcome (PO):

  • PO-01: Survey the land where the proposed Civil Engineering structure will be constructed.
  • PO-02: Apply the knowledge of draftsman-ship using related computer-based application software.
  • PO-03: Provide know-how on estimating & costing, budgeting, tendering and global tendering using related computer-based application software.
  • PO-04: Construct a fire-protected and well ventilated construction to meet societal needs.
  • PO-05: Apply appropriate techniques with the use of available resources and machines to construct various Civil Engineering structures.
  • PO-06: Apply knowledge on professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • PO-07: Construct the Civil Engineering construction in systematic way using PERT/CPM, BAR CHART.
  • PO-08: Test the quality of materials used for Civil Engineering construction.