Secretory's Message
From the desk of Principal

Mr.Sankar Ray

Engineers play a dominant role in industriual and agricultural developement of a nation. India is agricultural based country which has to feed nearly 120 crore of people. Youngsters are in desperate need of jobs which has given top priority in order to run the country smoothly and peacefully. The possibility of turbulent future, may be contained by revolution in industrial and agricultural fields.

    The Engineers coming out from the degree and diploma colleges must be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to make the industrial revolution a grand success. The diploma engineers must be very sound in practical with basic knowledge of theoritical subjects. This needs a good infrastructure for degree level and diploma level colleges.

    The polytechnic should have good work-shops and laboratories with modern machines to make the education practically oriented. But most of polytechnics, both govt. and self financed colleges are ill-equipped to impart quality technical education. The AICTE should have mechanism to monitor the govt. polytechnics as well as private polytechnics. The technical education ministry should bring the change in attitude and behaviour of employees of the govt. polytechnics.

   The engineers should be trained in such a manner that they learn to give proper respect to their parents and elders in order to make a good society. Let us make ourselves free form casteism, regionalism and communalism to make india an ideal country where everyone lives happily and peacefully.

   With regards                                       

 Sankar Ray

( Officer-In-Charge )