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Approved by AICTE , Affiliated to WBSCT& VE& SD (Formerly WBSCTE)
PO: Karnamadhabpur, PS: Ghola, Sodepur, Kolkata - 700113
Computer Society of India
Membership ID: M10466

Elitte Institute of the Engineering & Management is promoted by Pinnaccle Educational Trust which is registered under India trust Act 1882,registration No 5367 having its registered office 3 Canal Street Kolkata 700 014. The trust is conglomerate of personal who are having experience in running academic programme/Institution for last 15 years.

Board of Trustees:
Sl# Name Designation
1 Bazlul Haque President
2 Sharmila Haque Vice President
3 Sajal Ghosh Secretary
4 Dola Ghosh Treasurer

The object of the Trust are to render benefit to the General Public at large irrespective of Caste, Creed and Sex whatever and also for the sustainable development of the areas surrounding including relief to the poor and maintain vigilance for the safety and security of the residents and members of the Trust and any other object of General Public Utility without making any profit whatsoever for any activity of the Trust and such purposes:
  • To acquire, establish, maintain and grant aid or other financial assistance to the educational institutions for the development of education and diffusion of knowledge and for providing employment to the unemployed persons with adequate and required qualifications for the job.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, symposia and such other activates with a view to making General Public familiar with and appreciative of the quantity view, inter alia, social, literary and esthetics thoughts leading to research and experiments thereof.
  • To render financial assistance to the General Public and to the members and residents of the Trust for promoting scholarly activities and ushering academic attainments amongst them.
  • To give medical relief to the Poor, sick and infirm persons and to establish, maintain and grant aid or other assistance to hospitals, clients and charitable dispensaries and other establishments for such purpose.
  • To grant relief and other assistance to people during natural calamities including flood, drought, earth quake etc. and also give donations to establishments or persons during such relief work.
  • To render assistance and / or grant aid to public charitable trust or institutions having objects similar to those of the trust.
  • To acquire and hold movable and immovable properties in furtherance to attainment of these objects.
  • To do any other act for the advancement of general public amenities to do all such other acts and things including ancillary activities, incidental or conductive to the attainment of any or more objects of the "Trust".

3, Canal Street, Kolkata - 700014
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