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Ms. Srabanti Chakraborty ( Head of the Department )

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Greetings from Computer Science & Technology  Department of EIEM !!!!!!!!!!!

In this era of Technology, Computer Science is the back bone  of the technical world.  Now  it is very difficult to imagine the World without computer System. Our dependency on computer world proved that it is essential for new generation, having adequate knowledge of this field.

The Computer Science & Technology Department of EIEM is committed to develop a facilitator of learning in Computer Science Studies to bring an academic environment in which both faculty and students will create an excellent teaching- Learning and Evaluation process to extract their technical skills and flourish them through different academic & different professional activities.

The strength of CST department:

High configuration of latest Computers to impart technically sound practical knowledge of syllabus oriented subjects. The CST department in enriched with competent, dedicated and qualified faculty members to teach quality education with practical, project guidance, personality & grooming development to facilitate them to be placed with a reputed organizations in their technically strong future life.

Departmental Mission:

  • To provide qualitative education and generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge technology and by offering state-of-the-art diploma engineering program, leading to careers as Computer and IT professionals in the widely diversified domains of industry, government and academia.

  • To promote a teaching and learning process that yields advancements in state-of-the-art in computer science and technology.

  • To harness human capital for sustainable competitive edge and social relevance by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning and innovation in Computer Science.

Departmental Vision:

  • To become a Center of Excellence in the computer sciences and Technology discipline with a strong teaching environment that adapts swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO):

  • PEO-1: Diploma Engineers are prepared to be employed in IT industries and be engaged in learning, understanding and applying new Ideas.

  • PEO-2: Diploma Engineers are prepared to take up Graduate programmes.

  • PEO-3: To equip graduates with integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible Engineers.

Program Outcomes (PO):

  • PO-1: Strong foundation in core Computer Science and Technology, both theoretical and applied concepts.

  • PO-2: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to real-life problem solving.

  • PO-3: Ability to analyze, design, model, and develop complex software and information management systems.

  • PO-4: Ability to function effectively within teams.

  • PO-5: Understanding of professional ethical responsibility.

  • PO-6: Ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and oral.

  • PO-7: Understanding the impact of Computer Science and Technology solutions in the societal and human context.

  • PO-8: Ability to engage in life-long learning.

  • PO-9: Knowledge of contemporary issues.