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Mr. Bazlul Haque

Aspiring students after completing their school are in the crossroads to choose and opt a suitable higher education among a myriad of options for their future career. The popular approach is to go in for engineering and medical education which is highly competitive and success rate for getting admission is uncertain. In the past 10 years the hotel Industry has undergone a phenomenal growth with the blessing of open economy and technological advancement in every sector. The hospitality industry has become one of the largest section in terms of creation of jobs. Currently there are about 2000 hotels approved and classified by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, with a total capacity of about 1,10,000 hotel rooms. With tourism, industry showing excellent performance, it is estimated that over the next two years 70,000 - 80,000 rooms will be added across different categories throughout the country Further, the demand for trained hotel management manpower does not restrict to the hotel industry itself, but it has gained excellent foothold in the hospitality sector like Airlines, Shipping, Railway Catering and Retail sectors etc. Even a trained in Hotel Management can go in entrepreneurship and set up his own business. As such it can be reasonably assumed that there is a vast scope for trained personnel in Hotel Management and it very much fits into our social and cultural ethos of "Athiti Deva Moho". This career provides an excellent opportunity to make the career a successful global career.

However, to make the education and training effective and beneficial for the students in the long run for a satisfying and rewarding career, one requires a good institution with adequate infrastructure, facilities, and dedicated and competent faculty. The Elitte Hotel School of Elitte Institute of Engineering and Management, Ghola is proud to have all the necessary infrastructure, competence and dedicated faculty to nurture and develop a student ready for a robust, satisfying and rewarding career in Hotel Management. We cordially and sincerely welcome and invite all the guardians / parents of the aspiring students to visit our campus and see the facilities created by us themselves. We wish all the guardians/ parents of the aspiring students a very Happy New Year and reiterate our commitment for a very committed and dedicated teaching and training in Hotel
Management for the students for their successful global career.
(Bazlul Haque)