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Karnamadhabpur, Ghola, Sodepur, Kolkata-113
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1. 3rd Semester Provisional Routine 2. 5th Semester Provisional Routine 3. 7th Semester Provisional Routine 4. Urgent notice for submission of CV for final year students 5. List of Seminar & Workshop organized at ECE in the Academic Session 2017-18

Mission of the Institute

We live in a time of revolutionary change. Not only is the world relying increasingly on technology for economic growth and job development, but the nation is making the difficult transition of refocusing a significant amount of its technology investment from national security to international economic competitiveness. At the same time we view technology as important in helping to solve many difficult societal problems. Within this technological context, engineers play an ever more significant role. Engineering is an ideal education for living and working in the technologically--dependent society of the twenty first century. Apart from our missions as reflected above, our missions that an academic institution imparting professional courses should have towards the society at large, are embodied in a nutshell below :--

  • Development of human resources so as to add value to product and services.

  • Improvement of quality of life of the people in general and the local in particular.

  • To keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the socio-economic, industrial and technological scenario as we perceive in the Twenty First Century.

  • To build up rapport with the industries and encourage industry institute interaction with a motto to create industry--institute partnership in the future days to come.

  • Dissemination of gainful knowledge which is the permanent remedy for poverty, corruption and exploitation.

  • To organize seminars, conferences, symposia and such other activities with a view to making general public familiar with and appreciative of the quantitative view inter alia, social, literary and aesthetic thoughts leading to research and experiment there of.

  • To render assistances/or grant aid to public charitable trust or institutions having objects similar to those of the trust.

  • To acquire and hold movable and immovable properties in furtherance to the attainment of these objectives.

  • To render benefit to the general public at large irrespective of caste, creed and sex whatever, and also for the development of the areas surrounding the institute.

3rd Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
5th Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
7th Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
Urgent notice for submission of CV for final year students
Posted on [ 04/07/2018-Placement Cell ]
All the students are hereby informed that they will have to return their Library Books & Holdings after Exam. The Due Date of the Issued Books on or after 02nd May 2018 has to be returned by 04th June 2018.
Posted on [ 22-05-2018- Library ]
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Seminar & Workshop / Other Events
List of Seminar & Workshop organized at ECE in the Academic Session 2017-18
Posted on [ 23/05/2018 ]
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1st year CE/ME/CSE/EE new syllabus
Posted on [ 12-07-2018 ]
Computer Science & Engineering syllabus
Posted on [ 12-07-2018 ]
Electrical engineering syllabus
Posted on [ 12-07-2018 ]
Civil engineering syllabus
Posted on [ 12-07-2018 ]
Mechanical engineering syllabus
Posted on [ 12-07-2018 ]
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