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1. 3rd Semester Provisional Routine 2. 5th Semester Provisional Routine 3. 7th Semester Provisional Routine 4. Urgent notice for submission of CV for final year students 5. List of Seminar & Workshop organized at ECE in the Academic Session 2017-18

Civil Engineering Department


Develop competent Civil Engineers to offer excellent professional and community services regionally and globally.


To inculcate knowledge based Civil Engineering education amongst the graduates to empower them with necessary skills and values required for higher education, research and industry for their comprehensive acceptance at global level.

Program Educational Objectives:


P. E. O. 1:- Practice as a professional practitioner and a manager, capable of achieving needed sustainability and economic objectives through ethical practices and social responsibility.  

P. E. O. 2:- Succeed in construction management careers emphasizing applications of construction management principles with the ability to solve broad range of problems in construction,

P. E. O. 3:- Acquire, Apply and communicate latest knowledge and tools to construction industry and technical institutes in the desired form through lifelong learning.

Program Outcomes:


On completion of this Program students will be able to:

  • Acquire in depth knowledge to practice construction profession globally and develop efficiency to integrate existing and new knowledge for enhancement,
  • Critically analyze construction engineering problems, take decisions based on information analysis, predict shortfalls and carryout research to provide solutions,
  • Identify complex engineering problems, derive compatible solutions and decide upon optimal solution considering socio-Techno-economical factors,
  • Develop problem statement through literature review and experimentation, apply research methodology knowledge, tools and techniques in the broad perspective and contribute in team to solve multidisciplinary problems,
  • Acquire and Apply modern engineering tools, techniques and software’s to complex construction problems with understanding of limitations,
  • Demonstrate team spirit and extend positive support in multidisciplinary research to achieve common goal with enhancement in self and team learning,
  • Apply construction management practices and principles to a project and lead the team for efficient project management considering economical and financial factors,
  • Communicate with all stakeholders in the desired forms, write and present reports and work done with ability to justify,
  • Recognize the need and acquire ability to engage in lifelong learning with commitment, through independent learning and corrective measures,
  • Demonstrate professionalism as a construction manager by adopting ethics, social responsibility and understanding of impact of the judgment/practice on sustainable development of society.


3rd Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
5th Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
7th Semester Provisional Routine
Posted on [ 06.07.2018 ]
Urgent notice for submission of CV for final year students
Posted on [ 04/07/2018-Placement Cell ]
All the students are hereby informed that they will have to return their Library Books & Holdings after Exam. The Due Date of the Issued Books on or after 02nd May 2018 has to be returned by 04th June 2018.
Posted on [ 22-05-2018- Library ]
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Seminar & Workshop / Other Events
List of Seminar & Workshop organized at ECE in the Academic Session 2017-18
Posted on [ 23/05/2018 ]
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